our ethical advisory committee

The Hear and Say Ethical Advisory Committee (EAC) acts as a gatekeeper for applications, both internal and external, to conduct research involving Hear and Say children, families, and/or staff.


The EAC is not an Australian Government affiliated Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Accordingly, all applications to conduct research through Hear and Say are required to have prior HREC approval.


The Hear and Say EAC is composed of both external and internal academics and clinicians who meet every six weeks to advise Hear and Say on the ethical aspects of upcoming research. Applications from external researchers to conduct studies in collaboration with Hear and Say are welcome.


For further information about how to submit an application and EAC meeting dates, please contact the Hear and Say Research and Innovation Development Manager, Dr Wendy Arnott, by emailing research@hearandsay.com.au


EAC approval is based on a submitted protocol’s ethical aspects, proposed timeframe, and research design.


Other important considerations include whether the proposed research: 

  • Meets Hear and Say values, vision, and strategy;
  • Involves an appropriate child population;
  • Impacts on children, parents, staff;
  • Overlaps with other projects
  • Is of benefit to Hear and Say;
  • Has financial implications for Hear and Say


Researchers wishing to apply to conduct a study through Hear and Say should ensure that their protocol carefully addresses each of the above aspects.


The principal investigator/s listed on approved project protocols are accountable for strict adherence to the protocol (and any additional conditions nominated by the EAC) by all researchers involved in the project and for the submission of annual progress and final reports to the EAC.