our vision


Research  Innovation is bridging the gap between science and better hearing for all, worldwide.

 We are making it our business to:


  • Bring together Australia’s most innovative minds in neuroscience, medical bionics, hearing and speech sciences, biotechnology and e-learning
  • Bring together creative minds through research collaboration;
  • Prevent hearing loss and contribute to hearing health for all Australians, particularly children
  • Develop hearing technologies and techniques to deliver our research solutions internationally
  • Advance biomedical hearing innovation to make better hearing a reality for all children and adults world-wide
  • Attract leading research fellows and groups to Queensland.


 Our research scope includes:


  • Innovation in hearing devices
  • Neurodevelopmental basis of listening and spoken language
  •  Treatment of hearing loss in newborns
  •  Prevention of hearing loss in children and adults 
  • New techniques fast-tracking auditory brain development in children with hearing loss, resulting in better listening and spoken language development 
  • Creative solutions to better understanding of spoken language 
  • Telemedicine for hearing health management for children and adults in rural and regional area
  • e-Learning strategies for training hearing health professionals and research collaborations


Our team

Our partners