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Early speech and language outcomes for young children with hearing loss (HL) who received early auditory verbal therapy (AVT)


Dr Wendy Arnott, Hear and Say (HS),  University of Queensland (UQ)

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Beth Atkinson, HS

Jessica Balfour-Ogilvy, HS




Dornan et.al.





Literacy development in children with cochlear implants: An investigation into underlying processing mechanisms and the impact of early amplification


Nicola Bell, PhD candidate, UQ

Dr Wendy Arnott (Advisor), HS, UQ

Dr Tony Angwin (Advisor), UQ

Associate Professor Wayne Wilson (Advisor), UQ
  In progress 
The academic (NAPLAN) outcomes of children with HL who received early AVT   

Ms Emma Shaw (Honours student, UQ)

Dr Wendy Arnott (Advisor), HS, UQ

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS  

In progress


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Persuasive writing in school-aged children with pre-lingual HL    

Ms Claire Zhang (Honours student, UQ)

Dr Wendy Arnott (Advisor), HS, UQ

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

  In progress
Outcomes of an AVT program for  children with unilateral (HL)   

Dr Wendy Arnott, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

  In progress 

Sound Connections: A multi-site study into the effectiveness of AVT on children’s speech, language and social inclusion. 


Dr Gabbie Constantinescu, Australian Catholic University (ACU), HS

Dr Rebecca Phillips, First Voice (FV), The University of Canberra (UC)

Aleisha Davis, The Shepherd Centre (TSC), Macquarie University (MU)

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Dr Anthony Hogan, UC


A First Voice Collaboration involving:

Hear and Say (Qld),

The Shepherd Centre (NSW),

Taralye (VIC),

Cora Barclay Centre (SA),

Telethon Speech and Hearing (WA),

The Hearing House (NZ)




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The effectiveness of telemedicine for teaching listening and spoken language to children with hearing loss    

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Jane McGovern, HS

Michelle Ryan, HS

Dr Gabbie Constantinescu, HS 


Read paper 2014


Remote speech perception testing (eSpeech Perception) for children with cochlear implants

Dr Wendy Arnott, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Beth Atkinson, HS
  In progress 
Remote MAPping for Children with Cochlear Implants   

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Professor Louise Hickson, UQ

Dr Belinda Henry, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH)

Professor Trevor Russell, UQ

Professor Deborah Theodoros, UQ 



Presented at the 2015 ASHA Convention, Colorado, USA

An exploration of the interaction between healthcare professionals, children, and families in paediatric hearing habilitation programs


Dr Katie Ekberg, UQ

Prof Louise Hickson, UQ

Dr Nerina Scarinci, UQ

Dr Carly Meyer, UQ

Dr Caitlin Grenness, UM

  In progress 

There and Back Again: From Research to Practice in Early Childhood Intervention 


Kate Mosely, PhD candidate, University of Western Sydney, UWS

Associate Professor Christine Johnston (Advisor), UWS

Dr Danielle Tracey (Advisor), UWS

Microtia and Atresia: Next generation prosthetic ears using advanced 3D printing and biofabrication technologies    

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Dr Wendy Arnott, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Simone Cheadle, HS

Associate Professor Mia Woodruff, QUT

Dr Sean Powell, QUT 
  In progress 
Hearing in Queensland Prisons: An investigation of hearing loss in prisoners and of the hearing environment

Dr Wendy Arnott HS, UQ

Amanda Mather, HS

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

Associate Professor Wayne Wilson, UQ

  In progress
Newborn Hearing Screening in Queensland: Comparison of hearing screening and diagnostic audiological assessment between term and preterm infants.

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

Dr Trent Calcutt, UQ

Dr Rachel Beswick (LCCH)

Dr David Tudehope

  In progress 
The HEARing CRC 

Longitudinal outcomes of children with hearing impairment (LOCHI)


Dr Teresa Ching, National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL)

Dr Harvey Dillon, NAL

Julia Day, NAL

Kathryn Crowe, NAL

Lynda Close, HS

Kylie Chisholm, Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

Tracy Hopkins, TSC


Stage 1 complete.  Stage 2 ongoing.


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Going digital: Enabling caregivers to optimise the linguistic environment for children with significant hearing loss   

Dawn Choo, PhD Candidate, UM

Dr Shani Dettman (Advisor), UM

Prof Richard Dowell (Advisor), UM

Prof Robert Cowan (Advisor), UM

Dr Wendy Arnott, HS, UQ

Emma Rushbrooke, HS

  In progress 

Auditory brain function in children with cochlear implants – MEG

Macquarie University  

Professor Stephen Crain, MU

Associate Professor Blake Johnson, MU

Dr Dimity Dornan, HS, UQ

  In Progress 
Auditory and visual attention in normally hearing children and proficient cochlear implant users. 

Dr Mark Kamke, UQ

Dr Jeanette Van Luyn, UQ

Dr Gabbie Constantinescu, HS

Dr Jill Harris, UQ



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Effectiveness of storybook reading in facilitating language development in infants including those at risk with a hearing loss 

Michelle Brown, PhD Candidate, University of Canterbury, UCNZ

Professor Gail Gillon, UCNZ

Dr Marleen Westerveld, Griffith University




Language Impairment from infancy to adulthood

Rebecca Banney, PhD candidate, UQ

Dr Wendy Arnott (Advisor), HS, UQ

Associate Professor Katie McMahon(Advisor), UQ

Professor David Copland (Advisor), UQ

Associate Professor James Scott (Advisor), UQ

Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Telethon Kids Institute

  In progress
Emotion processing in infant siblings and parents of children with autism

Melina West, PhD candidate, UQ

Dr Anthony Angwin, (Advisor), UQ

Dr Wendy Arnott, (Advisor), HS, UQ

Professor David Copland, (Advisor), UQ

  In progress