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Dettman, S., Dowell, R., Choo, D., Arnott, W., Abrahams, Y., Davis, A., Dornan, D., Leigh, J., Constantinescu, G., Cowan, R., & Briggs, R.


Long term communication outcomes for children receiving cochlear implants younger than 12 months: A multi-centre study. Otology & Neurotology, 37(2), e82-e95.

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Constantinescu G, Waite M, Dornan D, Rushbrooke E, Brown J, McGovern J, Ryan M, Hill A.


A pilot study of telepractice delivery for teaching listening and spoken language to children with hearing loss

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2013 Dettman, S., Wall, E., Constantinescu, G., & Dowell, R.

Communication outcomes for groups of children using cochlear implants enrolled in Auditory-Verbal, Aural-Oral, and Bilingual- Bicultural early intervention programs.  Otology & Neurotology, 34(3), 451-459.




Dornan, D.A, Hickson, L., Murdoch, B., Houston, T. & Constantinescu, G.

Is Auditory-Verbal Therapy effective for children with hearing loss? The Volta Review, 110(3), 361-387.

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Dornan, D., Hickson, L., Murdoch, B., & Houston, T.

Outcomes of an Auditory-Verbal Program for Children with Hearing Loss: A Comparative Study with a Matched Group of Children with Typical Hearing. The Volta Review 107(1), 37-54.

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